Program to Consider

Admission Dean’s Roundtables

Over the next week and a half, the Cannon Community will have the opportunity to hear all about college admissions from four real-life admissions officers who are tasked each year with enrolling the students that become the core of their institutions.

Tomorrow night, February 19th, Rick Clark, Director of Undergraduate Admission at Georgia Tech, and Dr. Angel Perez, VP of Enrollment and Student Success at Trinity College, will be visiting Cannon School to talk with parents and next Thursday morning, February 27th, Bonnie Duncan from Clemson University and Jon Sims from Davidson College will be talking with our sophomores and juniors during Student Life. These are great opportunities to sneak a peek behind the college admissions curtain as our panelists will discuss trends in higher education and share some of the realities that drive their decision-making process. Hopefully you’ll be able to attend!