Thought to Consider

Fight the urge to give in to “Freshmen Fatigue”, the “Sophomore Slump”, Junior or Senior-itis with the following tips.

Traditionally, the third and final trimester marks the time of year when thoughts of summertime, vacations, and warmer weather creep in, impacting students’ ability to stay focused on the responsibilities of school.  

  1. Recommit to Organization: Use a planner daily to track assignments, due dates, project checkpoints, major assessments, etc. Spend some time this weekend purging notebooks and/or bookbags of past materials that are no longer needed. Designate a quiet, well-lit, free from distraction and clutter “study space” at home. 
  2. Be a Good Manager of your Time: New unit introduced in Algebra II? Essay prompt shared in English I? Rubrics for BioRex explained this week in Biology? Resist the temptation to procrastinate, and start working on these NOW! The more you chunk long-term assignments or studying for major assessments, the more prepared you’ll feel once those due dates roll around. 
  3. Make Self-Care a Priority: Eat well-balanced meals (especially breakfast!), get at least 7-9 hours of sleep a night, and try to exercise daily. These healthy habits can increase focus, alleviate stress, and help the brain function at optimal levels. 
  4. Maximize Class Time: BE PRESENT both physically and mentally! Show up to class on time with materials ready and assigned work completed. Practice the posture of an “active listener” – sit up straight, lean in, maintain eye contact, and take notes. Choose a note-taking system that works for you and stick with it. Engage intentionally in classroom activities – participate in a way that allows you to interact with classmates, the teacher, the material, etc.
  5. Find a Balance: Give yourself time to spend with family and friends, engage in your favorite hobby or activity, read a book or listen to a podcast of your choice, RELAX! If you don’t allow yourself downtime, it will be difficult to perform at your best academically.  

If you need additional support in these areas or want to discuss more ways to finish the school year strong, we encourage you to reach out to your advisor, your teacher(s), your college counselor, or the Academic Coaching at Cannon (ACC) team ( ACC appointments resume next Wednesday, March 11. Simply scan one of the ACC QR codes posted throughout the US building to sign up for a session.