Covid-19 & College Counseling

The Cannon School College Counseling department is committed to providing the Upper School community with timely information and updates regarding the impact of Covid-19 in the realm of college admissions. Students and families should, however, be consistently checking emails, following Twitter and other social media sites, and confirming information on the official websites of ACT, College Board and individual colleges students are researching for their application process.

College Board Updates


LINK to College Board SAT Updates – this page is being populated regularly as more decisions are made and new information is available. Registration for fall SAT dates won’t open until May 26. Students can get early access to register for August, September, and October if they’re: already registered for June OR in the high school class of 2021 and don’t have SAT scores.


  • AT-HOME TESTING GUIDE: College Board will email all AP Exam students an “At-Home Testing Guide” the week of April 27. Students – make sure to regularly check your email for this guide.
  • TECHNOLOGY ISSUES: TODAY (Friday, April 24) is the LAST day to contact College Board regarding technology needs or connectivity issues.  Click HERE to do so.
  • ACCOMMODATIONS: TODAY (Friday, April 24) is the LAST day to forego, or “opt out” of approved accommodations.  Click HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page for further instructions.
  • OPTING OUT of an EXAM: If students choose to “opt out” of an AP exam, they should not log in or attempt to access the exam on its designated test day/time.  Not logging in and attempting the exam will alert College Board that you made the decision to “opt out”.  No further notification or communication of your decision to the AP teacher, Mrs. Kulp, or College Board is necessary.
  • REFUNDS for UNUSED EXAMS: Per College Board, students will only be charged for the exam(s) they actually take. Below is the exact statement provided on CB’s FAQ page: “We won’t charge anything for an exam that isn’t taken, including the base exam fee as well as any additional fees such as the late order fee and canceled/unused exam fee.” Refunds will be issued for canceled/unused exams; however, this process cannot begin until after June 5, when all AP Testing is complete.

Summer Program Updates

Due to COVID-19, some summer programs are moving their programs online. All students who have signed up for a summer program, camp or class should contact the hosting organization to learn the status of the program and to understand policies regarding refunds.

Changes and Updates in Summer Programs:

Additional Colleges Opt to go Test Optional for Class of 2021

Colleges continue to make temporary adjustments to their standardized testing requirements due to the impact Covid-19. The following colleges announced this week that they will offer a test optional process for at least one year:

To keep abreast of the complete list of colleges who support test optional admissions visit FairTest’s master test-optional database. Institutions temporarily suspending standardized testing will be updated periodically to a supplemental file on the FairTest site. Updates are also available via NACAC.

Virtual College Exploration Opportunities

Opportunities for students to attend admission related webinars, explore colleges and universities and attend remote college fairs can be found here: