Thought to Consider

The College Counseling Team realizes that our continued separation is affecting everyone differently. We sincerely miss walking the halls of Cannon School and seeing students and colleagues in-person. However, our hope is to continue to support you and to stay connected with you throughout the summer.

A few tips to consider over the summer:

  • Stay Connected – with friends, family, classmates, and the Cannon community
  • Practice Good Mental Health – eat well and get rest
  • Stay Active – get outside; try a new activity – pickle-ball? yoga?
  • Educate Yourself – learn how to stay healthy from reliable medical and news resources
  • Create a Vision Board – imagine, set goals, and then go after what you want!
  • Start a Gratitude Journal or Jar – take time to appreciate the people and experiences in your life

Additional Resources:

Cannon School’s Services:

  • The Cannon School College Counseling Team is available to support students and families throughout the summer. You can email with questions or connect through an individual counselor’s email. College counseling team members will share their availability with you for WebEx appointments, by request.
  • Cannon School’s Counseling Department is offering virtual summer office hours on Wednesdays between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Parents or students may make 15- or 30-minute appointments with Anne Hoffman, Upper School Counselor, who will offer listening, healthy coping strategies, and resources for additional support. Click here to make an appointment with Upper School Counselor Anne Hoffman.