Thought to Consider

As we approach the middle of summer, many students and parents have asked how the cancellation of summer programs, camps, and work opportunities will impact the admission process and how students will be evaluated moving forward, but especially for the class of 2021. Below you will find information from the Making Caring Common Project (MCCP) that will should answer many of the questions about this topic, as well as alleviate any anxiety that may exist around the college admission process and the cancellation of summer opportunities.

The Making Caring Common Project (MCCP) at the Harvard Graduate School of Education is responsible for the 2016 document titled, Turning the Tide, that led to discussions about and changes to the way college admission professionals evaluate students and their credentials. More specifically, Turning the Tide, “underscored that what’s important in college admissions is not long brag sheets of accomplishments but meaning full engagement in learning and meaningful ethical engagement, especially concern for others and common good.” With the COVID-19 pandemic changing how we live, learn and grow as individuals, as well as how we contribute to society, the MCCP recently released a statement titled, “Care Counts in Crisis: College Admissions Deans Respond to COVID-19,” that more specifically addresses student concerns and what many college and university admission professions will be looking for moving forward in light of the pandemic. The document, and the clarity it provides, was featured on Good Morning America, as well as several national publications. Lastly, the highly regarded, Grown and Flown parent resource group hosted a Facebook live conversation revolving around this topic. The conversation focused on the Care Counts in Crisis statement that has been endorsed by over 350 college and university admission leaders.

The statement highlights a commitment to and focus on five areas:

  1. Self-care
  2. Academic Work
  3. Service and contributions to others
  4. Family contributions
  5. Extracurricular and summer activities

It is important to note that while there is undoubtedly disappointment surrounding cancelled programs and work experiences, Cannon college counseling team encourages students to not allow the current situation to limit their development and growth. Students can still find opportunities to explore, experience, and learn. In many cases, those opportunities can be found with a little curiosity and initiative. Whatever students choose to do this summer, we recommend documenting the experience, as well as what was learned or what growth resulted from that experience.