Thought to Consider

Welcome back and start the year strong!

Welcome back Gold, Maroon, and Remote groups! As we begin a new school year, the College Counseling team thought it appropriate to remind everyone of the importance of establishing good habits. Students, take a few moments and consider how you will commit to the following: 

  • being well-organized in your classes, including note-taking and course requirements
  • being present and engaged in classes
  • taking care with your sleep and nutrition
  • staying balanced by finding time for friends, family, and hobbies.

Parents, we also want to speak to you and ask you to consider how you can best support your teen this year. We are reposting a quiz that was presented at Parent Education Night last February, during a session on the book Grown & Flown. Please take this quiz and see if you are being a good partner to your child(ren) in establishing healthy mindsets and habits.


STEP 1:   Take the quiz, rating yourself on a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (very good). Tally results. 

STEP 2:   Pass the quiz to your child(ren), so they can also rate you. Tally up their results. 

STEP 3:   Compare the results. Where did you score well? Where do you need improvement? What blind spots do you have – where did you rate yourself highly but your teen does not agree? What needs to change for you as the parent to be a good partner to your teen? 

Finally, take what you learned and SET A GOAL to improve. Then check in frequently with your teen to reassess and see how you’re doing. 


Quiz: Are you Helping or Hindering Your Teen?

  • Does your child have a quiet space to be alone and decompress?
  • Do you focus on effort or results? (sports, performances, and academics)
  • Do you provide balance? You can still help out. 
  • Do you teach them to talk to their teachers?
  • Do you talk too much about your own experience? Social? College?
  • Do you provide a judgement-free zone?
  • Do you encourage and help them stay active?
  • Do you help them understand the power of rest and sleep?
  • Do you help them plan? 
  • Are you intentional with language, actions, and emotions around your child?