Thought to Consider

What should I get involved in? What’s a good club? How can I become a leader? Do colleges expect me to have service hours? I’m nervous my resume doesn’t have enough on it. Is a summer job a good idea?

These questions and comments are often heard by the College Counseling team.

Our response is simple and consistent: It is not what you do, but why you do it and how you grow from the experience that matters!

In fact, if you’ve been in our offices you’ve probably seen this sign:

Being Intentional is a go-to mantra for College Counseling when advising students on how their free time is spent. Whether hanging out with friends, binging Netflix, working out, learning to knit or babysitting siblings – our main goal is that students are thoughtful about how they spend their time. Balancing activities such as sleep, connecting with friends & family, and fitness & recreation with academics and extracurricular experiences is vital. Activities allow students to explore interests and learn new skills. They also expose students to larger communities and create an awareness of where they can make difference.

Another question we hear is “how do I get involved with COVID-19 impacting so many things?”. Covid-19 has altered the way many things happen, but it hasn’t halted a student’s ability to be intentional.

Here are some resources to help you connect, explore, and expand your involvement:

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