Program to Consider

Expected Family Contribution Calculator

Today’s Program to Consider is more of a tool to consider than an actual program. Paying for college is something that weighs heavy on many families. It is very common for us as college counselors to hear families say they want to focus their search on in-state publics because of the preferred tuition rates. Sometimes focusing on in-state publics does yield the most cost-effective options, but sometimes colleges that meet full demonstrated financial need can actually end up costing families less than our public universities.

If the cost of college is an important factor in your family’s college search, we recommend that your first step be to use an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) calculator. While it is only an estimate, it will give you a good idea of whether or not you will qualify for need-based financial aid and if so, how much. If your EFC is lower than the cost of in-state universities, you may be able to find cost-effective options without limiting you search only to in-state public universities.

Completing this calculator is just the first step in making an informed decision about paying for college. Please share with your college counselor how important cost will be in your college search process so they can help you navigate accordingly.