Covid-19 & College Counseling

The Cannon School College Counseling department is committed to providing the Upper School community with timely information and updates regarding the impact of Covid-19 in the realm of college admissions. Students and families should, however, be consistently checking emails, following Twitter and other social media sites, and confirming information on the official websites of ACT, College Board and individual colleges students are researching for their application process.

Standardized Testing Updates

Colleges opt to continue their Test Optional policies for the Class of 2022

As colleges look ahead to the next admission season, many are electing to maintain their temporary test optional policies for standardized testing.

To learn more on this topic we suggest the following articles:

The following colleges announced recently that they will offer a test optional process for the Class of 2022:

Private Institutions:

International Institutions:

Complete List of Test Optional Colleges & Universities: offers a complete list of colleges and universities that have elected to be either permanently or temporarily test optional in their admission process.