Covid-19 & College Counseling

The Cannon School College Counseling department is committed to providing the Upper School community with timely information and updates regarding the impact of Covid-19 in the realm of college admissions. Students and families should, however, be consistently checking emails, following Twitter and other social media sites, and confirming information on the official websites of ACT, College Board and individual colleges students are researching for their application process.

Take-Aways from the 2020-21 College Admissions Cycle

What the College Counseling team learned:

  • There was a significant increase in the number of students added to college waitlists, however few students were ultimately offered spots off of these lists
  • Uncertainty in the admission process due to Covid-19 led to an array of yield outcomes for colleges. Many colleges overenrolled while many others still had openings after the May 1 decision deadline
  • Highly selective institutions experienced a record number of applicants resulting in their admission rates falling to even lower rates of acceptance

What this means for the Class of 2022:

  • Creating a balanced list of colleges to apply to is more important than ever! Understanding academic fit as well as social and financial fit will be key!
  • Play to your strengths when choosing the colleges where you apply and in creating your application materials
  • Remember it is not just Cannon’s Class of 2022, but seniors worldwide, who are experiencing these trends and changes
  • Applying early to at least a few institutions who share admission decisions before winter break could both be encouraging and allow you to navigate and adapt, if needed, your application plan moving forward in senior year
  • Attending the Cannon School College Application Bootcamp in August will help you to best be prepared for the college application season